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stride on, pale-legged, short-shorts guy. tonight on the 10:00, the
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superdome power outage. plus new details on the .
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kaepernick taking off. inside the 10 for the touchdown. wow. the 49ers stage a historic come back but fall short to the ravens in a nail biter. >> and it was a black out in the bayou as a power surge took out the lights. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. it was a super bowl that brought some 49er fans to tears tonight. a close stressful game in new orleans that saw the 49ers go down in defeat. and despite the loss though, niner fans are reflecting on this super season that put the team in their sixth super bowl. we have live team coverage for you tonight from new orleans to hear in the bay area.
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beginning with mark ibanez. your thought on the outcome of today's game? >> it was a first that 49er fans hoped they would never ever have to experience. but it's true, in heartbreaking fashion they do sustain their first loss ever in a super bowl. and it was right down to the final second of course niner fans are familiar with the come back. they just aren't familiar with this kind of an ending. let's look at the controversial play that in the end decided it. the 49ers had valiantly driven down inside the 10-yard line against the ravens. and it was a faithful fourth down and goal play. a pass from crabtree to -- from the quarterback kaepernick to crabtree. and the 49ers thinking that it was pass interference that crabtree had been held but it did not go that way. there was no play. fourth down, over and the niners have to turn the ball
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back to the ravens. let's have a listen to what kaepernick said after the game. >> we really want to handle that with class and grace. there's several, we had several opportunities in the game. the ravens made a lot of plays. but our guys battle back. get back in it. and competed and battled to win it. yes there's no question in my mind that there was a pass interference. and then a hold on crab tree on the last one. >> a lot of contact. but i felt like, i won't even say this. but the ball would have been a little lower to give me a chance to make a play i'm sure they would have called it. but it happened like that. man. and i got great confidence in my offense. offensive line of quarterbacks. we all fought back.
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we have to make a come back and we gave it all. all right, i am down on the field here at the superdome. lots of confetti and also joe fonzi. and you know talking about that last play. let's face it. they were letting them play. it was similar to the play when navarro of the atlanta falcons that last play against the falcons. navarro bowman could have been called for pass interference. i think it had to do with the play calling. >> when it was fourth down there and the officials taking control. the whole game and putting it into his hands. that's the whole thing that had to happen. i think the call on first and goal. you have a guy like kaepernick who had those diverse skills. they never took advantage of them in that situation. you know the one thing, look out here all this gold and purple. >> it would have been red and
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gold. but instead as you take a look at the field. this is the scene a good hour and a half after the game maybe even more. and there's a few people helping to take things down and get it cleaned up. a big chore. and i guess the best thing that can be said from 49er fans point of view. at least the ravens are gone. because i think a lot of us are tired of seeing them celebrate down here. >> i think it also means there's a bunch of red and gold confetti up in the rafters that did not get used. >> could fall on us any moment. >> and there's word and we talked to some of the guys. they knew a couple of things. you cannot make the little mistakes that they made and it's a group of young guys that plan to be together next year. >> we pride ourselves on fund mental -- playing fundamentally sound football and a few plays
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here, a few plays there. wasn't 49er football. so for us as a team, as a collective group. you know we have to get better and we understand that. and this is the wrong time to have those mistakes. >> this is my family, i would have poured sweat, blood, tears. we've done it all together. we're young, we can make it happen. >> reporter: the 49ers made a lot of progress this year. advancing from the nfc title defeat last year at the hands of the new york giants into the super bowl. it was just odd from the very beginning. from the very first play to the end. they had the turnovers and a little bit of jitters it looks like. >> the lamichael james fumble. the players said it. you come here and you play the
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other top team in the league and you cannot dig the hole hike the 49ers did. down at one point by 22 points. >> kaepernick did throw the longest goal. you have to take into account just his tenth career start. so it was sensational. >> as we said every reason for this core of young guys to think it isn't easy to come back here but they should be in the running to come back here in the years to come. >> the toughest of defeats for the san francisco 49ers. a first in their history from the superdome down on the field. joe and i will have more later on in sports wrap. but for right now that's pretty much the situation. >> we'll see you two, then. at least we got to see that kaepernicking moment when he ran in. the games sure had its ups and
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downs and fred has the highlights. it's almost like two halfs. the first half the niners looked awful. and the second half they were rolling. >> you know the old adage, you cannot win the game in the first half but you can lose it. it will go down as the longest super bowl in history. this game needed 1:42 minutes for all the subplots to unfold. each one of the harbaugh brothers could be second guessing any of their decisions. less than two minutes to go in the first half, he burns the defender chris poliver. no teams ever come back from more than a ten point deficit to win the super bowl. thins got worse. after beyonce's game, a super
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bowl record 135-yard super bowl return. he's the first guy ever to score a -- receiving. then the power outage it. it seemed to help the 49ers. you saw this one before now. the five point game. 1:50 left. fourthand goal from the half. not going to happen. kaepernick throw is long. he may have been held. it's a quick end to a roller coaster game. john harbaugh, john now is 2-0 versus his younger brother jim. kaepernick had his first career 300-yard passing game. but at times he seemed a little hesitant.
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a little unsure. joe flacco was very unflakable. he is the tournament mvp. he now has 11 postseason touchdowns. that ties him with a guy, joe montana. yeah joe montana. 11 touchdowns in the first season no interceptions. he's the real deal. >> he just looked so calm. flacco did. >> they didn't get to flacco enough. there was not enough pressure. he looked to comfortable, too calm. ken wayne is in new orleans and he got a tip about a postsuper bowl party for all the players after the game. ken is live to check it out. >> reporter: we found the party but this is as close as we can get. you can see there's a roadblock. a bus is rolling through. this definitely is the 49ers postsuper bowl party. buses have been rolling in with police escorts we have more police officers arriving right
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now on motorcycles. so this definitely is where the 49ers are going to be. and this bus says nfc team family. so these are family members of the 49ers who are just now arriving for this postsuper bowl game party. and we have not seen the team arrive as of yet. so the team is not here. but the family members are here. this is all going on at a club down the street. the club is called generation hall and it's just a couple of blocks away from the new orleans convention center. we've talked to a couple of people who are waiting outside to see some of the players go in. obviously very disappointing we talked to a father and son and they said this is a tough loss to take. >> i still feel the niners are a better team. maybe fate was on their side, yeah. because another quarter, obvious l y momentum is in the
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ravens favor. >> i think they'll try to have some fun. rough game but they still made it to the super bowl. you make what you can out of it. >> reporter: people are still arriving trying to get inside to the party. they were checking for wristbands and people were waiting for clearance to get in there from other team members that's what's happening here with these folks who just got permission to enter and go into the party. you can't call it a celebration but at least to hang out with the team. so very likely to be a very subdued party inside there with the outcome of this game. but they are all here, they made it to the super bowl. that is an achievement, that is something to celebrate. ken wayne, ktvu news. we mentioned earlier how the lights went out during the game. we want to show you exactly what it looked like. it was just after the start of the third quarter when suddenly the superdome went dark.
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>> i don't know i think they need to pay the light bill out here. >> the superdome again. >> reporter: in all the power was out for 32 minutes. outage occurred when fencing equipment detected what they called an abnormality. today's power outage at the superdome reminded 49er fans of the embarrassing black out that happened at candle stick. during the game against the pittsburgh steelers. the lights went out at the stick twice. pg & e took responsibility for the first outage then a city installed switch failed causing the second outage. a massive effort then ensued to fix the power problems. san francisco police remain at the ready tonight for whatever postgame action may still develop. deborah villalon has been in the city's mission district all night where debra it's been relatively calm out there, right. >> reporter: stragglers are
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headed home. that's what caused triple number of officers all ready for the super brawl that didn't happen. these are some of the final moments of the game inside napper candy's irish pub. all the faces show the frustration, disbelief and it looks like coach harbaugh was there at the end. the second half for relics had everyone thinking come back but it didn't happen. they were met by uniformed officers lining the streets for the end of the game. ready to stop vandalism, bomb fires, the type of problems that erupted before the world series. with many streets closed to cruising, we've seen more cops and garbage trucks than a
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crowd. >> it's sad that the niners lost. i was rooting for them. great come back but it just wasn't meant to be. >> what's the upside for the mission? >> the upside is quiet, business were stocking up thinking preparing for the worse but it's not as bad as they thought. so that's good. >> bittersweet then. >> it's bittersweet. the hang overs are going to be the worse things in the morning. >> reporter: most of the police action we've seen has been relatively minor. public intoxication. some trouble keeping people off the sidewalk and on the street. this car was stopped for going around a barricade. tonight this is turning out nothing like the world series three months ago. for nothing we have not seen 3,000 people streaming out. another thing though, there is
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no win. the quest for six has been fought. we're live in the mission district, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. new developments tonight in the death of a teenager found dead in a fairfield park. the key piece of information released just today about this case. >> i describe it as two very different patients. a tale of two city, detroit and oakland. both trying similar tactics to reduce violence but is it working. we investigate in tonight's special report.
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beyonce boy did she thrill the crowd at the super bowl with an explosive performance. she sang many hits including crazy in love. she also reunited with former members of destiny's child. the singer practiced all week so that she could sing live and not lipsync like at the presidential inauguration. ktvu's amber lee live in the city where the fans took the loss relatively well, i guess. amber. >> reporter: frank from what we can see they are handling it
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really well. just a short while ago there was a large number of police officers posted right outside that liquor store and they have just left. and as you can see there are still plenty of 49er fans wearing their red and gold walking around. at 24th and harrison, fireworks accompanied the celebration of lifelong niners fans. lots of cheering when the team looked like it was going to pull off a come from behind. >> i'm sad that the niners
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lost. but i'm a faithful so. >> reporter: organizers told me their goal was to have a safe celebration with family, friends and family. and it appears they pulled it off. what we're hearing from fans is we'll be back next year. live in the mission, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. now to southern california and this new video just into the ktvu newsroom. the highway patrol now confirming that eight people were killed in a tour bus crash tonight in san bernardino county at about 6:30 tonight. it involved not only a tour bus but a pickup truck pulling a trailer as well as a car. 27 people also suffered minor to life threatening injuries and at least seven ambulances were called here to the scene. it's not clear where the bus was coming from or where it was going. but the rural highway leads to the big bear area.
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we had some new information tonight about the death of a 13- year-old girl in fairfield. a passer by found the teen's body on friday at allen the whit park. she disappeared the day before well police revealed the girl was strangled. as we've been reporting we know she was living in a foster home in sasun city. sources tell ktvu the man was arrested last night. he is also suspected of wounding three others in that same incident on telegraph avenue near 20th street. the shooting claimed the life of 18-year-old kiante campbell. the three people who were wounded are expected to survive. first friday has grown into a giant party they even shut down several blocks of telegraph because the crowds are so big and up until this shooting first friday had actually been pretty much free of violence.
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oakland's embattled police department is struggling to not only reform the force but avoid becoming the first mayor city police department to be placed under federal receivership. more than 2,000 miles abay a -- miles away, another group has been trying to achieve -- it looks as bad as they say, maybe worse. a dirty sometimes dangerous waste land and a police department that wasn't much better. >> the cops around here, no. they don't come when you call none of that. >> reporter: detroit can make your head spin. it's not uncommon for gutted and grand old neighborhoods to exist just blocks from one another. >> i think thises thises -- things are changing but the people here are trying to work to become a better city. >> reporter: officer mcclendon walked with us through the
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northeast side. on one side of the block homes are in the millions of the dollars. on the other side you can buy a home for 5,000. not 5,000 down, $5,000 total. we were there as the interim chief announced a new plan. >> the real issue is how do we make progress? >> reporter: the interim chief has a plan. >> we hope to have 80% on patrol and at least 15% in investigations and no more than 5% doing administrative work. >> reporter: detroit is also instituting many of the ideas of bill brantton. yes that bill bratton. the man credited for reforming the new york city and police department but vilified by a small but loud group in oakland
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that tried stopping the city council from contracting it as its consultant. we found bratton in detroit helping the police department getting out of the legal oversight. bratton says transparency is one of the first steps. detroit has done that and more. the independent federal monitor who is the same as oakland's says detroit has made substantial reform and there's talk that the talks will end in a year. and recently just avoided going under federal receivership. one of the men most responsible for putting the oakland police department in federal decree returned in detroit last year amazed. >> it was totally different. >> reporter: jim chanin is a oakland lawyer.
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>> we asked detroit mayor bing what advice he had for oakland. >> although you don't want to make the tough cuts and decisions to be made but there is no way around it. >> we believe in constitutional policing. >> reporter: adds a detroit police department's future seems to have taken a turn for the better so has detroit itself. artists have transformed shattered streets into tourist destinations. gutted houses are coming down and leaving wide spaces open to bloom in the spring. and the battered auto industry, the city renewed. the police department with its history of abuse and misconduct are getting better. >> i think the cops are doing a good job as best they can. >> reporter: here in detroit there's the sense that the worse is over and there's better times ahead. perhaps giving the people of oakland and its police officers some hope. in detroit, ken wayne, ktvu
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channel 2 news. a best selling author killed. more on a former navy seal shot in texas. coming up where we could have some dense fog first thing tomorrow morning and when shower chances resurface on the five day forecast.
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continuing cover rang cover -- coverage now on super bowl xlvii where optimism felt by 49er fans today turned into disappointment. eric rasmussen with more. boy lots of sad faces out there. >> reporter: there certainly has been. things have calmed down in the last hour or so. police were certainly busy in a few areas right after the game tonight. one of our photographers recorded someone setting a fireworks in the marina after
10:30 pm
the game. officers eventually arrested a guy in a silver suit there who appeared to have a lot more fireworks on him. back out here in the mission, police saw motorcycles broke up a crowd that was blocking the street with balloons. the gold and red balloons there at mission and precida. there's been plenty of people still showing off their love for the 49ers despite tonight's very disappointing loss. some of the lessons learned after the giant's won the world series la year police did their best and city officials to clear garbage off the streets. discouraging everyone from setting fire. it appears in this area they were successful. and it looks like for the most part niner fans have taken this tough loss with class. eric rasmussen, ktvu news. a former navy seal and author of the best selling american sniper book was shot to death this weekend at a
10:31 pm
shooting range in texas. chris kyle called himself the most lethal sniper in the nation. claiming that he killed 150 people and it was a title he appeared comfortable with. >> my only regrets are the guys i could not save. and i can sleep at night. every shot i took i feel completely satisfied. >> he tried to help v.a. with ntsb. including firearms. the man who killed kyle was a troubled veteran himself. it was an emotional moment before the super bowl today. the powerful performance by the children of newtown connecticut. and we were with 49er fans as they watched the team surge in the second half. why they haven't lost the faith.
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singer jennifer hudson and 26 children from sandy hook elementary school in newtown connecticut sang america the beautiful at the pregame ceremonies. the children wore shirts with green angels on them and pins with green ribbons in honor of the 26 children and faculty all of who were killed at their elementary school back in december. it was a roller coaster ride for 49er fans and cara liu is live where she watched the game with die-hard fans. >> reporter: many of them would still be here at mccubbies had the outcome been different. but the bar is dark after a
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very, very wild game that at least gave fans something to cheer about in the second half. >> that was the reaction after kaepernick touchdown run with about 10 minutes left in the game. more than 200 fans nearly everyone dressed in red or some sort of team gear watched the game here at mccubbies. a roller coaster in the second half but fans did not get their sixth super bowl win. we saw many people leaving here in tears after the game ended. fans still hopeful for a super bowl game in the near 2350u67. >> the team was so good and so close. that one bad call maybe it could have been done. but i know truly in my heart that they're going to win it soon. maybe three years we're going to get a super bowl hopefully. >> i believed to the bitter end that we were going to win. but when it got down to that last play it was like, kaepernick he did a great job.
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he could have thrown the whole field. we could have done it. >> i wanted them to win but they didn't. but it was still a really good game i enjoyed it. i very much enjoyed it. >> now in this crowd i did find one soul raven's fan in a booth. he was not dressed in purple but instead wearing a grey shirt and keeping low in this crowd of 49er fans. we go to sunny vale. police are out in force hoping to make sure there were no drinking and driving. now according to aaa alcohol related car crashes rise 75% on super bowl sunday. authorities in alameda county tonight are investigating a stabbing that sent three people to the hospital. sheriff deputies were called at
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about 7:00 to princeton street. one victim was stabbed four times in the back and once in the shoulder. two people were taken to eden medical center in castro valley. a third person is being treated at highland hospital. authorities have yet to release any information about the suspects. people living in a peninsula neighborhood woke up this morning to a water main break. utility crews were called to a residential area near helen drive and magnolia avenue. the break was reported at about 6:30. the water main break affected water pressure for the entire city. far far away for football and on top of the waves. the swells that got surfers out today. and mark tamayo has a look at your workweek and if you're going to need an umbrella later in the week. you'll find out momentarily.
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well lots of sunshine once again this afternoon. right now we still have clear conditions. temperatures have been dropping off. take a look at some of the current numbers. low 40s to report out toward napa and santa rosa. same deal for novato. we have partly clear skies tomorrow. the extended chance of a few showers in fact, and also a big drop off in our temperatures so cooling trend a few days away. first thing tomorrow morning those readings will be in the mid-30s. coolest low cays -- locations for santa rosa and hugging parts of the shoreline as well.
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a big batch of high clouds moving into the northern portion. could be a factor for the morning commute with the low visibilities as high pressure continues to be a factor. that will ensure dry weather pattern with a sun cloud mix for monday, tuesday and wednesday. maybe a few extra clouds first thing tuesday morning. beyond morning, by thursday we could be tracking a few showers probably the biggest deal will be some cooler temperatures by that time frame. here we are 7:00 monday morning. the clouds hugging the coast here and also some dense fog into right around the bay as well. patchy fog to start out the day. hazy sunshine. maybe some patchy coastal fog as we head into monday night and to first thing tuesday morning. not a big change from today. lots of 50s out there for afternoon highs. off to a cold start we're talking about 57 in san francisco, brentwood 58. fremont a few low 60s, and
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morgan hill 61 degrees. here is your look ahead your five day forecast and into tuesday. some more cloud cover to start the day. primarily to the 10:00 hour. partly cloudy skies on tuesday. there's that one rain cloud on thursday. maybe a few left over sprinkles with if week end always in view. the upcoming weekend, the giant's fan fest for baseball. >> wow. >> on saturday looking pretty good with some morning fog out there. steve paulson will have a look at the fog. >> mark did you do any surfing today. a little bit. not everyone was watching the super bowl. mark may have done a few surfing but others were surfing in 20-foot waves. that swell expected to diminish tomorrow. we have some breaking news
10:43 pm
from san jose. officers responding to a report of gunfire on audobon drive southeast of the downtown area. they found two victims. one was pronounced dead at the scene. police have no suspect or motive but they say that the shooting may have been gang related. this by the way is the city's fourth killing so far this year. all right the super bowl it wasn't the only action today. our fred inglis is coming back with more on the 49ers loss. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no!
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don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.

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